Message from President

The Thailand’s economic recovery was principally underpinned by a myriad of public policies ranged from clearer national development plans to drive the overall economy and the Social Enterprises projects in accordance with Thailand 4.0 Policy. Similarly, the retail business continued to grow as a result of rising power of purchase in an overall basis bolstered by the positive economic trend.

In the past year, the Company succeeded in an overall continuing improved performance. The Company posted total revenue of Baht 31,591 million, a growth of 4.1% from previous year and net profit of Baht 2,937 million, a growth of 7.1% from the previous year. The crucial operations and factors contributing to the achievement concerned the development of merchandizes that resonated with evolving customer lifestyles, the proliferation of private label brands to ensure differentiation from competitors, online business improvement and constant new store opening by offering 2 stores that were Robinson Lifestyle Chonburi and Robinson Lifestyle Chaiyaphum. Besides, continuous renovation of existing ones saw a mixture of space uses through a range of perspectives, new and unrivalled experiences and festive events enabled Robinson to be the center of community gathering point for people from all walks of life.

Competition in the retail business became intensified by existing operators and newcomers, proliferating online platforms and the dominant influence of technological changes or digital disruption in purchasing behaviors amongst Thai shoppers in the digital era. The phenomenon propelled shopping malls to trend adjustment by evolving into shopping destinations that are more than typical “Lifestyle Centers and Department Stores”, but satisfying the living experience for all lifestyles. To assure growth in parallel to suppliers, the 4 strategies included 1) the branding management to position the Company as a Lifestyle destination that imbued clients and total shopping experiences for all varying needs 2) new branch and retailing space management. At present, the Company has 48 stores in both department store and lifestyle format. We have trading area of 1,000,000 square meters with over 90 million customers per year; 3) the business restructuring through the full omni-channel operation by achieving a seamless integration between online and offline fronts in a bid to zoom in on magnificent and uninterrupted shopping experiences amid changing lifestyles and buying behaviors, as well as technological influence that affected customer lifestyles through our channel at Robinson Shopping Online and Click and Collect in our website: The latest service was Robinson Chat & Shop through Line @RobinsonOnline; and lastly, 4) the management of big data which was deemed huge in the retailing business by reshaping communication channels to address changing customer lifestyles in the present day. Our effective online communication platforms through Line Smart Connect, Line Friend, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube have successfully reinforced business strength both as shopper information across online platforms was employed to further business expansion.

Essentially, operation activities shall be expedited in parallel to human development to make certain that employees are equipped with key mechanisms information, skills and services to reach sustainable operation. Realizing this significance, the Company ensured that training equipment were state-of-the-art and on par with the latest trend. Energy saving and green campaign were part of our technology-based application.

The Company is determined to deliver the best products to our customers and stakeholders from all sides by adhering to code of conduct, good corporate governance and sustainable operation. Fuelled by the above-mentioned achievements, the Company has triumphantly evolved into No. 1 Omni-Channel Department Store and Top Mall Developer in Thailand with customer-centric approach.

Mr. Wuttikiat Techamongklapiwat